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    Purchasing a share in The Wine Society costs £40. This is a one-off payment and gives you membership for life with no annual fee and no obligation to buy. We will take payment once your membership is …

The Wine Society
    The Society offers a range of services to help you make the most of your membership. These include wine advice from our expert team, tastings & events, regular wine delivery schemes, cellar plans, showrooms in Stevenage and outside Calais and ideal wine storage. Value for your membership

The Wine Society
    The Wine Society is unique in the wine trade because we're owned by – and sell only to – our members. And when you propose a new Society member, you support us in continuing to buy good wines at the fairest prices for our members – so thank you! The cost of a lifetime membership is £40. It includes one share in The Society and a new ...

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    The Wine Society offers one of the lowest cost wine storage services in the UK. The annual rental charge for Members' Reserves is £9.24 per case per year, inclusive of VAT and insurance at replacement value, and is charged annually in advance.

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